Coding in Stenography, Quick Demo

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Here’s a quick steno demo where I write a simple FizzBuzz in JavaScript using a generator function.

FizzBuzz is a program that prints out the numbers 1 to 100, except that if the number is divisible by 3, it prints “Fizz”, if it’s 5, it prints “Buzz”, or if divisible by 3 and 5, it prints “FizzBuzz”. This is just a quick presentation to demonstrate a little bit of my experience while coding in steno.

I did it unscripted, so please excuse my rambling while I think about what I’m writing. I figured this would give viewers a general idea of what genuine coding looked like in steno (typos and all!)

For you stenoheads, here are some briefs:

GRAOEKT: greater-than symbol equals
LAOEKT: less-than symbol equals
STP-PLT: colon symbol, “:” without particular spacing
R*R: return without capitalization
F*UNGS: function*
H*F: question mark symbol, “?” without particular spacing
F-B: fizzbuzz
F*B: FizzBuzz
MO*D: percent symbol
PL*US: + symbol

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