Court Reporting Discussion (~$10,000) With Amy About Dr. Kent Hovind’s Case

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Boots On the Ground – Supporting Kent Hovind At Upcoming Trial in Pensacola

Official Kent Hovind Websites

Additional Grassroots Hovind Support Websites

Studying is Knowledge Creation – Your Winning Edge

20 Shocking & Horrific Things That Have Happened To Creation Evangelist Kent Hovind Since 2004

Social Media:

Dr.Kent Hovind’s Teaching Materials & DVDs:

Nine of Dr.Kent Hovind’s Thirty-Seven E-Books Written From Prison:

Kent’s Converts Prison Ministry & Discipleship (Kent has led nearly 800 inmates to Jesus)

If you have questions for Dr. Hovind on Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs, or the Bible email them to:

Has Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind’s ministry had a positive impact on your life or the lives of people you know? If so, call (972) 839-9848 and Rudy will record your personal testimony and then play it on YouTube for Pastor Hovind. You do not need to give your name if you so choose and, if you would rather write in your testimony, you can email a written version to Rudy at and he will read it to Pastor Hovind on your behalf.

To mail a personal letter to Pastor Kent Hovind click on the link below:


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