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Since 1975, American Court Reporting has been a leader and innovator in Georgia Court Reporting.

Beginning in the early 1980’s, when desktop computers first became available, American was at the forefront in using computer technology in our profession. Today, we’re still in the vanguard with instantaneous or Realtime production of transcripts.

In 1985, American used our computer expertise to introduce our Calendar Backup Service, which notifies local attorneys of court dates. Today, hundreds of law firms subscribe to this valuable service.

Our Court Reporters and Office Staff are expert in handling your depositions. Customer Service is our highest priority. We take pride in making your American Experience as problem-free and time-saving as possible. You will notice the difference when you call American
We are Georgia owned and operated, and we offer ALL COURT REPORTING SERVICES. Whatever you need, we have it or we have access to it. We can accommodate your most unique requirements.
We invite you to schedule a job and feel the great vibes of the American Experience.
Satisfaction is Guaranteed !

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