Conditioning Drills- Basic Training Project Steno

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These drills should be performed at the end of each regular module.

Nancy Varallo’s Basic (Steno) Training TM is a free, introductory program designed to create awareness of the many career options available in the stenographic reporting profession: courtroom, deposition room, and captioning sports and the news. (Did you know the captioning you see on television is done by stenographic reporters?)

Nancy’s Basic Training program is a hands-on opportunity to learn the basics of steno theory in a virtual classroom environment over six weeks, one day each week, as a first step before entering a two-year educational program. Court reporter volunteers will teach this introductory program and explain today’s high-paying court reporting and captioning career options.

This six-week program offers a self-selection opportunity that helps one answer some important questions. Is stenographic reporting the right career for me? Do I have the interest, natural dexterity, grammar skills, motivation and disclipine required to complete the next two years of school? If the answer is Yes, Project Steno will connect candidates who “graduate” from Nancy’s Basic Training program to Project Steno’s tuition assistance program. Details of our selective tuition assistance program (and an application) can be found at

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