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Olender Legal Solutions provides international deposition services and has court reporters in Hong Kong, court reporters in Taiwan and court reporters in South Korea. Along with our affiliate; Reitz Worldwide, our team of international reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters ensure your event is seamless and successful. We will ease your stress and save you money on your international deposition. You can feel confident when hiring OLS that your case is in the hands of true professionals.

Do you need a Asia deposition location?

Our Asia headquarters is located in the Xinyi district in Taipai, Taiwan. We can provide you with a professional and modern conference room for your Asia deposition or Asia video conference. We can also offer you a deposition suite all over Asia.

Olender Legal Solutions will provide a court reporter, videographer or interpreter in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

For more information about the international deposition process, call us today at (866) 420-4020 or visit us online at or

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