Hit the Ground Running (without actually hitting the ground)

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Are you a new reporter? Are you a freelance reporter looking to change agencies? Are you an official reporter thinking about changing your career course and testing the freelance waters? In this one and a half hour webcast, Maxyne Bursky, BA, RPR, CRR, CCR, CPC, shares her strategies for getting on the list of the top agencies in your market, and how to become that desirable reporter who is requested by the attorneys.
Maxyne is an extremely successful reporter with more than 35 years of experience. She is part of the NCRA’s virtual mentor program and has written three books about court reporting. Whether you are brand new or have years of experience, this webcast has valuable information you can use to increase your bottom line. To purchase the webcast go to http://www.bridgescourtreporting.com/training.php

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