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hi Julie down here
I’m inviting you to join me to the
Kentucky Court Reporters convention in
louisville in September 92 the 11 I’ll
be doing an interactive presentation
that may make a huge difference in your
career you learn how you can we leave
hand and wrist pain and prevent painful
symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
without harmful drugs or surgery
no matter how sophisticated your
equipment is or how many dictionaries
you’ve invested in the bottom line is if
your hands don’t work needed to you
during this lively session i’ll be
teaching you how to treat one hand
muscle that can prevent you from writing
or using your computer and could
potentially end your career
I’ll also be showing you how to do a
simple treatment that you can do
anywhere even on a short break in the
courtroom and that will help to release
the tension in your lower back
you’ll discover that you can accomplish
more and be more productive
by focusing on the source of the pain
and not just focusing on the symptoms
for the last 25 years
my mission has been to help you help
yourself stay pain free market calendar from the
looks of the lineup of speakers this
could be the most important event of
2016 –

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