Lesson 8: LightSpeed, Brief Catcher, DIY steno board, light strokes

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Things Mentioned In This Lesson:
Keys: S-, T-, AU, OEU, and OU.
Get as much as you can in the first stroke, unless the first stroke is a prefix.
Drought can be DRAUT or DROUT.
Keep short depth as short as possible (adjust machines).
Can skip some of your speed practices in theory, but never in speeds.
Ingredients and body parts often have the asterisk, when a conflict.

In Speed: 2-3 speed practices, 1 briefs practice
In Theory: unlimited briefs/theory practice, 1 speed practice

Products Shown:
Brief Catcher

K*E can he
KE committee
TOE tow
TO*E toe
FLOUR flower
FLO*UR flour
SOI so I
SO*I soy

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