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Watch Sumbrella help solve the case of the phony neck brace with Jeremy D. Howard, Chelsea Davison, Amir K, Piotr Michael and Adam Ray.

Video Transcription:
I was walking through the save and smart
around seven-thirty i needed to pick up

pumpkin pie mix for my granddaughter’s
bake sale when all of a sudden I slipped

on the wet floor and down I went and now
my medical bills are through the roof

and I don’t know what to do i’m sorry i
didn’t get that last part was the court

reporter please read that back for us
what she said

however word of what she stay up oh no
would you would you read it back for the

court i love saving smart they got the
best milk i think i’m being a little

unclear would you please read back the
plaintiffs testimony for the court this

Rose has no reason to raise your voice

I told you I her what she said what you
don’t believe me you don’t think

somebody can read who is Sunbrella i’m
from brother and soccer wait thank you

look we really need that testimony could
you just please read back what the plantif
said to the court

okay shoot you ain’t gotta get our and
group take a chill vitamin

I wasn’t getting angry
I was just as you know the
rules and calm down she’s right

Sumbrella ok i read about work for work

thank you look if me fat all related and
ugly shirt sitting up here not get

scared me your honor that wasn’t the
testimony of the plaintiff erosion

please don’t interrupt i enter wave as i
would say you I was that big market

music shot mark and I need to pick up a
bootleg type of brandy and monica that
boys mind

oh I love that song Velma car
five-minute video you play open and your

honor that wasn’t the plaintiffs

yes it was we are

I definitely heard ok she was not buying
the boy is mine at a place called big

markets as music shop is to the rosin
control yourself

please continue somewhere else thank you
hon miss now as I was set

you know what it doesn’t matter without
Sam we are no she killed that man that

this is not a murder trial please strike
that from the record

nope it’s my breakfast I mean just look
at sitting up there with the murder of

I seen that look before my auntie Cheryl
headed right before her heart would

disappear because you don’t know how one

Sumbrella first order rose you one more
outburst out of you and you are here you
understand me

I’m sorry for your loss nope thank you
you know what let’s just continue I just
have a few more questions I have a few

questions of my own if you can ask
questions your honor she’s not a lawyer

and I swear I will have you disbarred
yeah i just want to talk to mrs. william
you know a little girl talk a little
one-on-one mrs. Williams

how old were you when you lost your
virginity only mr. the rose and I want

to see where this is going

I didn’t even say anything I’m well
actually the window where you have to
hold that thought

it stopped my lunch break and murderous
auntie pack me today

oh my favorite peanut butter and
Limburger cheese sounds oh so changed
they’re so delicious you want to die

all in this court funny next break the
oldest trick in the book

she’s been on this whole time you’re
welcome Justice attorney look how is any

of this my fault that left pane throw
this no-good scoundrel

yeah how do you sleep at night Tommy oh
well look back my working with done

Sumbrella you cracked another case you
all the best some will find you

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