RED Wireless Realtime System

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The StenoCast RED allows for a total of 14 wireless realtime connections. The X7 allows for seven. The three enhancements in the RED are:

The RED allows reporters with Eclipse, StenoCAT, SmartCAT and AristoCAT software to refresh their transcripts with clients using Bridge litigation-support software. The RED is engineered to send seven wireless realtime connections to clients using any or all litigation-support software, plus seven additional wireless realtime connections to clients specifically using Bridge.

The serial port on the RED is an outgoing port, meaning if you have a client who wishes to receive realtime via a serial cable, you can accommodate that client by plugging a serial cable into the serial-out port on the RED. If more than one serial cable is required, you may plug a multi-line block into the serial-out port on the RED.

The Ez Receivers are color coded: Red Ez Receivers for clients using Bridge, and Blue Ez Receivers for all other clients.

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