Speak Up NOW – The Art of Interruption – Ana Fatima Costa

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One of the most significant challenges reporters face is interrupting speakers to ensure the integrity of the record.  Some attorneys have unspoken expectations:  reporters must write perfectly at all times, and they are to be seen and not heard.  In difficult depositions, if a reporter interrupts frequently, attorneys may tell their secretaries to advise the reporting firm not to send that reporter back.  Since it is your duty to produce verbatim transcripts, your need for accuracy juxtaposed with the fear of incurring attorneys’ wrath by interrupting creates a dilemma:  speak up or drop?  This inner conflict results in increased stress, doubt about your writing ability, drops, and/or reliance on audio backup – with devastating consequences if the file is corrupted.  In this presentation, we will discuss the “art” of interruption; how to overcome insecurity and defensiveness; quiet the negative voices in your head; and speak up for what you need while managing your emotions — and the room — instead of their controlling YOU.

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