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The Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters would like to set the record straight by declaring We Are Technology!

The court reporting profession has been an ever-evolving career from the beginning of time until today and will continue to evolve and progress into the future. Today’s realtime court reporter utilizes a high-tech steno machine and computer installed with state-of the-art software. Realtime court reporters continue to remain an imperative presence in the legal profession as official and freelance court reporters.

The profession has also branched out and filled a vital service-oriented need through broadcast captioning, CART writing, and webcast writing for a deaf or hearing-impaired individual where the realtime writer will use a computerized steno machine and realtime software to provide captions to the television viewer of live supporting events, news programs, and emergency broadcasting.

Please visit us at www.mapcr.org to learn more about becoming a realtime court reporter and to get more information about joining this exciting profession!

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