NCRA Speed Contest – Literary Winners

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At the Awards Luncheon at the 2010 NCRA Annual Convention, NCRA announced the winners of the 2010 Speed Contest, Literary Leg. Results were as follows:

* 1. Jo Ann Bryce, Castro Valley, CA, 99.727
* 1. Diane Kraynak, Midland, MI, 99.727%
* 2. Kathy A. Cortopassi, Dyer, IN, 99.636%
* 3. Elizabeth A. Howd, Cross Lanes, WV, 99.545%
* 3. Alan H. Brock, Boston, MA, 99.545%
* 3. Mark Tod Kislingbury, Houston, TX, 99.545%
* 3. Deanna C. Boenau, Sarasota, FL, 99.545%

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